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We Are The Best Career Academy In Pune With 100% Selection Guarantee. We Believe In Dedication And Professionalism. We Give Shape and Direction To Your Dreams.

Online Batch starts for NDA / CDSE / Navy / Army / Air-Force and other Competitive exam on 1st and 15th of every month. Last year selection Air-Force 10, Army 35, Navy 46 and NDA 5
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The Officer’s Career Academy functions under Maji Sainik Foundation (Ex-servicemen association) where honesty, integrity, discipline, loyalty, punctuality, etiquette comes naturally. We believe in the dedication and professionalism.


The motto of the Officer’s Career Academy is to help, guide and train the interested, dedicated and eligible youths in such a manner that they can achieve their Dreams easily.Our approach is to make our students as successful as in their life all they want.we give Shape and Direction to your dreams.

nda officers academy
nda officers academy


Officer’s career academy is a unique place where dreams comes true. Officer’s career academy strives to achieve excellence in its training programme where every youth will achieve the best goal in his/her life.Academy not only provide Qualification but also Complete Career solutions including overall personality development.

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Every one in our training center is going to have the finest possible success.

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Director's Message

Dear friends- we all see dreams, however only few can realize their dreams come true. Who are they? They are the persons among us who see the dreams with an open eye and do the smart work. Friends there are not much difference between successful and unsuccessful candidates. Sometimes, the candidate loses his job in merit with minute difference. So never lose your hope. Hope is the only way which direct-us for success. Life is full of energy. If we direct it with positive way than there is nothing which we can’t achieve. Success means smart work in the right direction under able guidance at right time. I am here to guide you, to counsel you, to train you, to teach you so that you can achieve what you want.​

Our Philosophy.